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I was graduated Printmaking at the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, from 2002 to 2008. In the last year, 2008 I was an assistant of the lithography teacher. Two years later I start to do my work in a space that I then share with four more friends. I begin, gradually, to assemble and equip the engraving studio in which I work until today.

The main focus of my work has always been the human figure. I like to observe their movements, expressions, subtleties, reactions, I like to portray all these things the way I absorbed them. “The x-ray of a closed eye, the skeleton of a thought, the reactions that happen under the skin, a touch of silence.” Although these “portraits” are figures, they are not preconceived. I usually start the composition without knowing what I’m going to do, and after the first stroke, anothers come up, all intertwined. During this process I am increasing with details that are in my memory, but almost subconsciously. All of this is possible, because I need to use spontaneous movements when I am drawing.

Printmaking is, for me, a set of actions that provides a more palpable result. Not only in the final appearance of the work, but all the steps before completion. Just like the drawing that begins aimlessly and takes shape more and more concrete, the engraving only takes one direction after the first proof of state. In each step a form is necessary referring to the previous one and that will need a new one as a result of this one. In the end, it already contains only the essence of the initial sketch.

I have participated in collective exhibitions, including the “Salão de Belas Artes” of the Fine Arts Museum of Ribeirão Preto – São Paulo (2008); The show “Atelier da Vida” (2013) and Rio Arte 45 ° (2015) at the Laurinda Santos Lobo Cultural Center, in Santa Teresa – Rio de Janeiro; The collective exhibition “Art’In Loco” at the Bernardo Mascarenhas Cultural Center, in Juiz de Fora – Minas Gerais and “Gravetos” at the Furnas Cultural Space, in Botafogo – Rio de Janeiro; “Graphic Zone” at the Calouste Gulbenkian Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro (2015); E’Carta Internazionale Mini Carte Contemporanee, Cassina de’Pecchi, Milan, Italy (2016 and 17).

My solo exhibitions: “Triz” in Espaço Telezoom, in Humaitá (2010); “Human” (2012) and “Odd & Detached” (2015) at the gallery Casalegre Art Vila, in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro; “Nude Looking” (2016) at the Laurinda Santos Lobo Cultural Center, in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro; “Out of the Horizon” (2017) at the Cultural Center of Federal Justice, Rio de Janeiro.  Also in France with “Nude Looking” (2017) at the gallery L’Aiguisoir; “The Pauses” (2017) L’ESPACE Atelier de l’Île, Val-David, Canada, where I made an artistic residency during six weeks and created five etchings.